Hisco goes above and beyond for the aerospace industry, supplying quality materials to OEM and tiered manufacturers of aircraft, general aviation, commercial aircraft companies and more. Our range of essential solutions is designed to support your project with the highest level of confidence, and quality while keeping the industry’s complex standards and regulations in mind.

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Soar above the competition with aerospace essentials

  • Structural film and paste adhesives
  • Composite products
  • Liquid shim epoxy products
  • Mold release agents
  • Metal surface treatment
  • High temperature woven fabrics
  • Ceramic tape
  • Filter bags
  • Specialty fabrics including fiberglass and carbon
  • Fiberglass, carbon and other specialty fibers
  • Non-woven fiber mat insulation
  • Composite breather/bleeder cloth and bagging film
  • Thermal and acoustical films and tapes
  • Copper and aluminum foils
  • And much more

Key aerospace industry solutions developed for a range of applications

  • Structural adhesive bonding for metal and composite assemblies
  • Manufacturing composite parts
  • Adhering composite materials to composites or metals
  • Fixing mismatched surfaces for aerodynamic performance
  • Preparing, applying or affixing composite surfaces
  • Manufacturing heat sensitive parts
  • Cleaning, prepping and painting aircraft metals
  • Encapsulating or attaching interior and exterior parts and assemblies
  • Installing or repairing insulation and barrier film
  • Maintaining and repairing aircraft frames, mechanical parts and avionics
  • Disassembling, inspecting and repairing engines and parts