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Hisco Documented Cost Savings Program

It's a truth you've been striving to accept your entire life: time is money, and neither grows on trees. Make the most of your time — and money — and invest wisely with Hisco. Our Documented Cost Savings program was designed to help you realize the maximum potential of every dollar you spend. In fact, we’ve helped customers like you to achieve more than $110 million in cost avoidances and savings to date.

We don't just create value; we document it. For each cost savings event, we'll supply you with a cost reduction form for your authorization to illustrate both direct and indirect benefits. Read on to learn more about our successes… and discover how our Documented Cost Savings program might just be your company's saving grace.

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 Downtime Prevention with Emergency Delivery Savings: $288,000

The Problem: Due to an inventory management error, the customer's material supply was depleted on a Friday evening. The company faced production downtime both Saturday and Sunday, for a loss of three shifts on each day.

The Solution: With the required material in stock, Hisco delivered it early Saturday morning to avoid production shutdown.

 Inventory Management Overhaul Savings: $264,250

 Cost-Effective & Efficient Material Replacements Savings: $187,407

 Better Fiber Optics Cleaning Solution Savings: $130,050

 Vendor Negotiations for Substantial Savings Savings: $127,673

 Revamped Shipping Schedule Saves Delivery Costs Savings: $125,000

 Avoidance of Potentially Devastating ESD Event Savings: $120,000

 Product Replacement Leads to Significant Savings Savings: $115,000

 Manufacturing Process Improvement Savings: $100,000

 New Cleaning System Improves Throughput Savings: $85,000

 Rush Delivery Circumvents Line Shutdown Savings: $80,060

 Eliminated Expediting & Holding Expenses Savings: $78,000

 Supplier Negotiations Lead to Considerable SavingsSavings: $75,326

 Increased Productivity with Improved ESD TestingSavings: $70,000

 Reduced Material Consumption & Big Improvements Savings: $50,400

 New Product Reduces Cost and Simplifies ProcessesSavings: $40,000

 Expedited Delivery Avoids Potential Line ShutdownSavings: $37,500

 Emergency Delivery Results in Further Cost SavingsSavings: $23,840

 Product Replacement Eliminates Labor CostsSavings: $13,000

 Vendor-Negotiated Pricing Delivers Substantial SavingsSavings: $7,222

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