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Bluestar is now Elkem Silicones

Integration supports an extended product offering and enhanced technical expertise

Looking for the perfect solution? Elkem® Silicones creates quality formulas to meet the crucial mechanical, physical, thermal and electrical properties required for your project. Specialty mold-making silicone formulas such as Elkem’s Bluesil®RTV-2 product range—preferred by industries worldwide for creating rapid prototypes—test true product behavior before investing in mass production.

Bluesil® RTV-2 properties:

  • Excellent transparency
  • Outstanding tear resistance
  • Long-lasting molds; highly chemical resistant (PU, Epoxy, PES)
  • Accurate, detailed reproduction; easy mold release
  • No shrinkage when cured

Continually expanding the family of more than 1400 product solutions—release coatings, engineering elastomers, specialty fluids, emulsions and resins—Elkem Silicones delivers the demanding characteristics needed for specific industry applications such as solutions used in the electronics industry to pot, encapsulate and protect sensitive electronic components like PCBs—to formulas used by the film industry to make skins for robotic and animatronic figures.

Also serving the aeronautics industry—Elkem creates highly-specialized sealants like Bluesil V-612—used for vane potting and damping material. (Meets Pratt & Whitney engine specification PWA 404-2 and Lockheed specification G40.1384.)

Need a custom formula?

Hisco can help you sort out your solution needs and show you how to save money with our Documented Cost Savings program. Fill out the form and we’ll work with you one-on-one to select the right silicone solution or guide you through the custom formula development process using our Elkem Silicones partner.

Elkem Silicones

high heat resistant | age resistant | water repellent | expands & contracts | low toxicity

Products # of Solutions Elkem Brands # of Industries # of Different Applications Examples of Applications
Release coatings 246 Bluesil, CAF, Lyndcoat, Silbione, Silcolease 13 66 Bonding agent, foam stabilizer, injection molding
Elastomers 519 Bluesil, CAF, Mix & Fix, Silbione, Silcolease 13 54 Adhesive, coating, mold making, potting and encapsulation
Fluids 1040 Bluesil, CAF, Mirasil, Silbione, Silcolapse, Silcolease 14 85 Demulsifier, lubricant, metal processing fluid
Emulsions 153 Bluesil, Lyndcoat, Mirasil, Silbione, Silcolapse, Silcolease 13 53 Mold release, additive, coating, extrudate, plastic compounding, process fluid
Resins 974 Bluesil, CAF, Syndcoat, Mirasil, Silbione, Silcolapse, Silcolease 14 90 Binder, dielectric, oxidation inhibitor, PV junction box adhesive, PV junction box potting agent