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Lighting & Magnification

Lighting/Magnification Products

Lighting/Magnification is the process of enlarging something only in appearance, not in physical size for viewing and observing particles or materials, used generally in labs.
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Product Information
Scienscope ML 5000 LED industrial magnifiers which come in 3 (1.75x) Diopter and 5 (2.25x) Dipoter models. Our industrial grade optical magnifiers, deliver crystal clear...
Scienscope IL-LED-R2E Adjustable LED Ring Light Features UV Free. 8-points high quality LED light. 1 watt per bulb. Adjustable/dimming control. ESD safe. Build in optimum...
With long term reliability and customer satisfaction in mind, we have redesigned the SSZ model to the next level. We have retained the core quality...
The Scienscope IL-LED-E1 LED Ring Light with built-in power supply is an ultra-compact LED light source that is for use with Scienscope microscopes, 360 Deg...
Most economical light source, 360 Deg shadow free white light, 6 ft two pronged power cable, Replaceable fluorescent bulb (IL-FR-24B)
Articulating Arms have an adjustable counter-balanced arm which allows easy, hand guided up and down movement, works in spaces where a conventional boom stand will...
Scienscope International XT-VMU480 XYD Two Axis Manual USB Digital Video Measurement, 22X - 142X, 4 in x 8 in
Scienscope Stereo Zoom Microscope, 8X - 50X
2X C-Mount video coupler for the MZ7 Micro zoom lens series.
2X Objective Lens for MZ7 Micro Zoom Lens which gives a working distance of 35mm.
20X Eyepieces for the NZ & ELZ microscope series.
The NZ Stereo Zoom Microscope body is our most tough and sealed maintenance free design suitable for all industrial, electronic, and medical manufacturing applications. Ergonomic...
Objective Lens is use to increase or decrease magnification and working distance. The Binocular/Trinocular Objective Lenses is designed for greater optical performance, high magnification,...
The Scienscope Fluorescent Ring light replacement bulb is for use with Scienscope Fluorescent Ring Light.
Scienscope SSZ Wide Eyepiece, 10X
The 2 megapixel VGA CMOS digital camera directly connects to your LCD/CRT monitor via 15-pin D-SUB VGA connector, Image capture without a PC, VGA output...
0.4X C-Mount video coupler for the NZ Trinocular series.
Showing 20 of 113 products.
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