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HiscoMex warehouses are licensed to import and store hazardous chemicals. In addition, each warehouse is equipped with cold storage for storing temperature-sensitive materials. As a Service Maquiladora, HiscoMex imports products on a temporary basis and transfers these materials free of import taxes and IVA to maquiladora customers. HiscoMex can import products on a definitive basis and sell them with a HiscoMex factura. 

HiscoMex also offers warehousing and third party logistical services in Mexico for customers and suppliers. Our mission is to provide value to our customers by supplying quality products, process solutions, and logistical support. Our goal is to become a preferred distributor and an integral part of our customers’ supply chain.

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HiscoMex Services

    • Importation
    • Transportation
    • Warehousing
    • JIT Delivery
    • Vendor Managed Inventory

HiscoMex Services

    • Local Technical Support
    • Reduce Overall Cost of Procurement
    • Assume Responsibility for Importation and Reduce Risk of a Customs Audit and Compliance
    • Reduce Inventory Carrying Costs
    • Increase Inventory Turns
    • Increase Floor / Production Space
    • Quicker Response to Emergencies
    • Maquiladora Asset Tax Protection
    • Improved Logistics
    • In-house Attorney & Custom’s Broker

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