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Materials/solutions for aerospace manufacturing and MRO

Hisco provides quality materials to OEM and tiered manufacturers of aircraft, general aviation and commercial companies, as well as manufacturers of components and replacement parts. We can support projects with the highest level of confidence, quality, and best practices and procedures. 

We recognize the complexity of regulations, compliance, product quality, and standards specific to the aerospace industry. Our expertise is backed by quality certifications to supply mission-critical materials used by all segments of the aerospace industry. We currently have over 90% of our locations ISO 9001:2008 certified. Four of our distribution locations are AS9120 certified and one of our Precision Converting locations is AS9100 certified. Our Buford, GA location now has the Boeing Material Specifications (BMS) certification.

hisco aerospace brochure
Hisco Aerospace Brochure

Press Release: Hisco Named Henkel Aerospace Channel Partner in Mexico

Full line of products 

Bonding and Sealing with Adhesives - Solutions for primary and secondary structures such as wings, nacelles, engines, interiors and a wide range of applications including sealing or bonding fuselage, spar assemblies, field repair bonding and shimming applications.

Bonding and Masking with Tapes - Solutions for: mechanical fastener alternatives, interiors applications, leading-edge protection, masking, composites tooling, vacuum bagging.

Surface Conditioning - Solutions for metal and composite preparation for proper sealant surface bonding and paint attachment.

Coating - Solutions for coating/sealing exterior or interior structures requiring cleaning, protecting, pretreating, and/or enhancing the bonding.

Insulating - Solutions for applications requiring insulation against electrical, thermal, heat-resistant, RFI, and EMI.

Engineered Textiles - Solutions for applications requiring specialized materials with high-strength, high-temperature, or lightweight properties for producing structural integrity, thermal, environmental and ballistic protection.

Composite Processing - Solutions for bagging and bonding autoclave processing.

Interconnections - Solder, Wire, Cable and Related Assembly Materials- Solutions for applications requiring conductors, tinning, soldering, insulating, labeling and attachment.

MRO (Maintenance, Repair, Operations) - Solutions for Aircraft Maintenance

Packaging - Solutions for packaging and the protection of parts.

Quality products from trusted brands

Our vendor base includes industry leaders with “Best in Class” products such as: 

3M™, Alpha®, Avery Dennison, BGF® Industries, Bluestar Silicones, Brady®, DuPont™ Kapton®, Henkel’s (LOCTITE®, BONDERITE®, TECHNOMELT®, TEPOSON®, and AQUENCE®), Kimberly Clark, Lamart Corporation, LPS®, Momentive™, Panduit, Petroferm, Saint Gobain, Velcro® Industries, Zeus 

Vendor Managed Inventory from Hisco offers the latest tools and technologies customized to each customer’s needs.