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Momentive Products DistributorMomentive Performance Materials

Momentive is a producer of silicones and silicone derivatives and a development and manufacture of products derived from quartz and advanced ceramics. Silicones serve as a critical ingredient in many construction, transportation, personal care, electronic, consumer and agricultural uses.
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Adhesives and Sealants
1-Part, 2- Part, or Primers
Adhesives and Sealants Additives
Adhesion Promters, Crosslinkers, Dehydrants, Vinyl Silanes, Methacryl Silanes, Epoxy Silanes, Sulfur Silanes, Amino Silanes, Ureido Silanes, Isocyanato Silanes, Alkyl Silanes, Water-Based Sealants, Hot melt Adhesives, and Spur+*prepolymer
Gels and Encapsulants
2-Part Encapsulants, Conformal Coatings, Gels, and Semiconductor encapsulants
Silicone Gel
Various Silicone gels
Silicone Surfactants
Silicone Polyether Copolymers, Amino Modified Terpolymers, Epoxy Mod.+Other Terpolymers, and Trisiloxane Alkoxylates (TSA)

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