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Lighting & Magnification

Lighting/Magnification Products

Lighting/Magnification is the process of enlarging something only in appearance, not in physical size for viewing and observing particles or materials, used generally in labs.
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Product Information
Loupe - Three Star 6 1/2 Power Double Lense. 6.5X power
Magnifier - Three Star 5X Magna-Lite Illuminated Optical
Eye Loup - Five Star 5X Magnification Made in Japan
Magnifier - Three Star 10X Magna-Lite Illuminated Optical
Eye Loup - Five Star 10X Magnification - Made in Japan
Mirror - Round - Three Star 8" Chrome Plated 1 1/4" Inspection
Mirror - Oval - Three Star 8 1/2" Chrome Plated 1 X 2 Inspection
Mirror - Round - Three Star7 1/2" Chrome Plated 7/8 Inspection
Eye Loup - Five Star 22X Magnification - Made in Japan
Magnifier - Visor - Three Star 2.2X Super Optivisor
3M™ Prismatic Remote Sensing Target 3000X is a micro-cube corner sheeting made of a flexible synthetic resin which will perform well with polarized light. The...
You are bidding on a 64-LED ring light with built-in intensity control and mounting size up to 2-3/8 in (60 mm) in diameter. The ring...
This digital microscope enhances the resolution of an object or image, and connects to a computer for image display. It is designed for use with...
Attach this lens to the microscope body to reduce magnification, increase working distance and field of view. Note: Please note 0. 5x lens cannot be...
The MagniLoupe™ is a 4. 5x power eye loupe. This Magnifier boasts a soft rubber cushion that provides comfort during use. Loupes are ideal for...
Aven Tool Swing Away Lens Magnifier, 5 Diopter, 2.25x
The MC90/50 microscope ring light is a compact source of LED lighting with a fully adjustable, high-resolution dimmer that provides uniformity and stability. It consists...
Provue Deluxe magnifying lamp features a Heavy-Duty Resistance Arm. Designed for demanding professionals. It is equipped with an ultra-bright 22 watt circular fluorescent bulb, a...
Aven 26501 Replacement Bulb, 22 W, Fluorescent
Aven 26506 Replacement Bulb, 9 W, Black
Showing 20 of 121 products.
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