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Boost Profitability and Accountability? Brilliant.

The right inventory management solution can play a shining role in the act of increasing profitability. That's why we've designed our Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) program to effortlessly lower costs by optimizing inventory and increasing efficiency. Our experts will work with your business to determine your needs based on current supply chain processes – illuminating problem areas to offer a simple, effective solution to help boost your bottom line. We'll even document all cost savings as you watch your profits soar… with the complete inventory management solution that's simply brilliant.

Bask in the Benefits — We'll Take Care of the Rest

  • Avoid stock-outs & costly overnight shipments
  • Decrease material consumption & reduce waste
  • Manage accessibility & enhance employee accountability
  • Reduce inventory carrying costs with optimized stocking
  • Eliminate obsolete inventory & lower overall cost of ownership
  • Configure inventory notifications to meet requirements
  • Increase procurement productivity & reduce purchase orders

Work Smart with Time-Saving Tool Cribs

  • Customize your design to match business demands
  • Stock supplies where needed for fast access
  • Accurately track usage & demand
  • Increase overall cost-effectiveness
  • On-site service management available
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Hold your VMI solution to higher standards — partner with Hisco today and discover the option that's best for your business. For a free consultation or to learn more about how Hisco's VMI program can help you work smarter, simply complete the form below.

Meet Our Partners


Imagine a VMI solution that combines flexible inventory management with intuitive, industry-leading software. With SupplyPro, a leading manufacturer of point-of-use vending equipment, you'll discover an exceptional way to add value to your business while reducing costs and consumption — with customized solutions that improve productivity, increase efficiency and reduce inventory costs.

From managing consumables to returning tools, supplies and more, our experts will work alongside your team to design a complete, tailored solution. Add electronic control to an existing cabinet, or invest in remote inventory control — from absolute accountability at the item level to minimal control solutions, SupplyPro offers the ideal inventory management system for your entire enterprise.

Are your inventory & associated costs under control?

  • Are you carrying too much inventory?
  • Do you have stockouts that lead to costly emergencies?
  • Do you suspect home migration or hoarding of some products?


Choose who has access to each compartment and automatically lock down expired material.

Are your processes effective?

  • Is too much time spent managing MRO materials in the stock room?
  • Are your procurement resources focusing on non-mission-critical materials?
  • Is your current process to control expiration dates and FIFO working?


Easily manage high-volume materials dispensing.

Do you have real-time data on your MRO spend & inventory?

  • Are you able to track the material being consumed?
  • Are you automatically alerted when you are running critically low on inventory?
  • Do you have an automatic way to track shared tools?


Track use and access for all materials -- even ones requiring refrigeration.

Do you struggle with data tracking and management?

  • Are you looking for a data tracking software that integrates seamlessly – or works independently as a standalone system?
  • Do you need to track inventory data from a range of web-enabled devices?
  • Do you need an intuitive system that requires minimal internal IT involvement?


Take advantage of this intelligent, web-based data tracking and management software system that provides easily-accessible data to any web-enabled device.


Find innovation at your fingertips with AutoCrib. Thanks to a versatile, web-driven design, AutoCrib makes it easy to control your inventory and gain enterprise-wide visibility through any connected device. Access the widest range of purpose-built industrial vending machines, including carousel systems, RFID portals, dispensing systems, electronic locker/door access systems, counting scales and more.

AutoCab Industrial Vending

Reduce consumption, improve inventory management and store just about anything with this innovative, glass-face vending solution.

AutoCrib® Remote Dispensing

Designed for high-demand environments, this industrial vending system offers the most capacity of any helix-coil machine available.

AutoLocker® Locker System

Store items large or small in an automated locker system that controls each transaction independently — and can even limit access to out-of-calibration items.

EleVend® PPE Dispensing

Easily manage gloves and other consumables with the world's only vending solution that eliminates repackaging requirements.

IntelliPort® RFID Portal

Automated and efficient, this industrial RFID portal independently supports item tracking and manages accessibility — while completely unattended.

MobileCrib Handheld Scanner

Scan barcodes and RFID tags on the go with an innovative solution designed for mobile transactions and real-time communication.

RoboCrib® Industrial Vending

Compact and flexible, this revolutionary system securely manages item access for virtually every type of inventory — even delicate items.

ScaleMate® Counting Scale

Cut small parts inventory down to size with the system specifically designed to manage and monitor use of inexpensive yet high-volume items.