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Shield & Defend Components

Safeguard against environmental threats — and even EMI/RFI — with coatings from MG Chemicals.

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Photo of AkzoNobel Paint

Next-day AkzoNobel Paint

Need it fast? We offer quick-tint services on AkzoNobel coatings and paints with 24-hour turnaround.

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Secure a Lasting Bond

Say goodbye to mechanical fasteners. 3M VHB tape delivers a permanent bonding solution.

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Performance that sticks

Shop our extensive selection of Loctite adhesives for strong adhesion to the widest range of substrates.

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Explore Hisco Services - the Smartest Path to Productivity

Maquiladora Services

HiscoMex includes 10 Mexico locations and a certified maquiladora program.

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Next-Day AkzoNobel

Rely on Aero Colors for custom, quick tints with same-day turnaround.

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Substantial Savings

Since 2002, we've saved customers more than $180M in cost avoidances.

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Smart Factory Solutions

With a focus on Industry 4.0, Hisco RFID supports accurate, real-time visibility.

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Right-Sized Packaging

AMG provides custom downpacking for adhesives, sealants, resins and more.

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Creating Recognized Value through Custom Engineering Solutions.

Photo of a man working with a machine that is converting bulk package adhesives into smaller packaging options.

At Precision Converting, we manufacture custom-converted precision parts throughout North America. Our application engineers partner with you to solve complex manufacturing challenges using the industry's most advanced flexible materials.


AMG is a division of Hisco. We specialize in packaging, labeling, and repackaging epoxies, adhesives, silicones, acrylics, resins, greases, and other specialty materials from world-class vendors such as 3M, LOCTITE, BONDERITE, AkzoNobel, WACKER, Elkem, and LORD.

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A photo showing a batch of downpacked adhesives with AMG labels.
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