3M Adhesives & Sealants

Play up your strengths with powerful, durable 3M adhesives.

Strength and flexibility come together with durable, go-anywhere 3M adhesive formulas that simply let you do more. With a vast range of adhesives and sealants engineered to deliver more than just a strong bond, you're free to reimagine the possibilities and discover a whole approach to industrial assembly. Designed for enhanced integrity and process performance, 3M adhesives take the guesswork out of difficult assembly and bonding challenges – from the everyday to the extreme.

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There's strength and then there's 3M Adhesives strength. Don't settle for just any bond; expect the reliability and durability of 3M adhesive bonds.

Applicators & Dispensing Equipment

Don't second guess how much product you're using. Ensure reliability and consistency with 3M applicators and dispensers.


Keep parts moving easily with lubricants designed for reliability and corrosion protection. 3M offers a variety of solutions for almost any application.

Paints & Coatings

Rely on 3M to deliver enhanced performance and efficiency across a broad range of architectural and industrial paints and coatings.


High-reliability 3M precision formulations resist yellowing, UV degradation and more for lasting durability where it counts.

Surface Treatments

3M offers a comprehensive selection of surface treatments for repairing, improving and maintaining a wide range of exterior materials.


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