3M Electrical Tapes

Rise to the Challenge with Solutions Driven by 70+ Years of Technology.

Meet electrical challenges head on with reliable, high performance tools built to effectively manage your daily hurdles. From sealing and protection to padding and insulation, look to the brand trusted by generations of professionals. 3M offers a complete range of electrical tape solutions that are engineered for durability, designed for easy handling, and ready for just about anything.

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Glass Cloth Electrical Tape

Insulate and protect with tapes designed for exceptional flexibility. Ideal for holding and strapping applications up to 200°C, glass cloth tape is essential for wire wrapping, coil cover, banding and more.

Vinyl Electrical Tape

Keep primary electrical insulation under wraps with 3M vinyl electrical tape. Resistant to moisture, UV, abrasion and corrosion, these highly flexible solutions perform over a range of temperatures.

Filament-Reinforced Electrical Tape

Looking for a cost-effective alternative to glass cloth tapes? Filament-reinforced electrical tapes from 3M combine the dielectric strength of polyester films with the mechanical strength of glass fibers.

Anti-Static Utility Tape

Tackle your tape requirements in static sensitive areas with 3M's anti-static utility tape. From design to manufacturing, this anti-static solution is engineered for use in ESD-safe environments.

Polyimide Tape

When the heat is on, 3M delivers with polyimide film tapes for high temperature applications. Strong and steady, polyimide retains physical and electrical properties even in harsh conditions.

Foil Shielding Tape

Stay grounded with specialty tapes designed for EMI shielding and ESD protection. Foil shielding tape from 3M is essential for reflecting, wrapping, masking, sealing and more.

Polyester Film Electrical Tape

Keep insulation under wraps with tapes designed to protect. Polyester film electrical tapes from 3M are engineered to withstand higher temperatures with chemical, solvent, moisture and puncture resistance.


Smooth things over with self-lubricating PTFE tapes from 3M. Engineered for low coefficients of friction, these tapes improve web processing, with chemical and temperature resistance up to 400°F.

  • PTFE Tape 60
    Maintains consistent physical and electrical properties over a broad temperature range

Epoxy Film

Get it together with 3M's high-strength epoxy film tapes. Both solder and puncture resistant, this line is characterized by high dielectric strength, conformability, and flame retardancy.

  • Epoxy Film Tape 1
    Requires fewer wraps than glass cloth tapes to meet dielectric requirements
  • Epoxy Film Tape Super 10
    High-flexibility tape resistant to heat, oxidation, solvents, oils, punctures and solder damage

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