3M Safety & Industrial

Why put safety at risk? Put 3M solutions in place.

Chemical hazards. Workplace injuries. Fumes and irritants. Without the proper tools, things can be dicey on the production floor. Keep processes, people and equipment in good hands with 3M's safety and industrial offerings. Driven by a commitment to health, wellness and protection in the industrial workplace, 3M offers comfortable, well-engineered and effective solutions for workers in all types of environments, technologies and industries.

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Eye Protection

Whether you use goggles or protective glasses, your eyes will be safe to see another project when you entrust them to 3M eye protection.

Hand & Face Protection

Get the upper hand with 3M hand and face personal protection products.

Hearing Protection

Protect your hearing from excessive noise with 3M hearing protection, available in a wide range of decibel protections, shapes and sizes.

Lead Testing Swabs

Odor-free and non-staining, these strips are designed to detect lead on most surfaces within 30 seconds.

Lab Supplies

If it belongs in a lab, 3M has it. With products ranging from bottles to pipettes to clothing, you'll spend more time researching and less time searching for supplies.

Protective Clothing

Look to 3M for coveralls, lab coats, accessories and more. 3M protective garments ensure peace of mind and safeguard against many industrial hazards.

Respiratory Protection

Breathe easier with 3M's range of products and accessories designed for respiratory protection.


For control of spills of hazardous liquids, 3M chemical sorbents have a high absorption capacity which minimizes the amount of waste for disposal.


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