3M Tools & Equipment

Solutions built on the science to solve challenges of any size.

Service, prep, design and create. From wrenches to wire crimpers, welding equipment and more, no one lets you do more than 3M. From start to finish, no company is more prepared with offerings to meet the challenges of your industry – whatever those may be. With an extensive range of tools, equipment and accessories, 3M solutions are engineered to optimize performance and to enhance end-product integrity with advanced features and design solutions for everyday challenges – and beyond.

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Ball Bearings

Each 3M ball bearing is designed to maximize rotational friction reduction while supporting radial and axial loads.

Display Enhancement Films

Engineered for efficiency, these light management films increase the brightness of LCD backlights while saving power and enhancing thermal management.

Drill Bits & Hand Taps

Whether for masonry, wood, steel, or a number of other materials, 3M drill bits and hand taps are the professional choice.

Fasteners & Hardware

3M fasteners and hardware offer secure fastening with easy access and enhanced gripping for a wide range of applications.

Fiber Optic Tools

Designed for fast, easy installation, 3M fiber optic tools also offer convenience and reliability for most fiber optic applications.


Smooth, grind and whittle down a variety of substrates – 3M files shape up almost any project.

Pneumatic Tools

Optimize tool and abrasive performance for cutting, grinding, blending or finishing applications.

Power Tools

For quicker, easier results, 3M power tools give you the power and the extra leverage to finish the job right in less time.


Crafted from the highest quality materials, 3M screwdrivers will turn any project in the right direction.

Tool Accessories

Don't quite have all you need to finish the job? 3M has the accessories you're looking for, from extensions to stands to replacement parts and more.

Welding Accessories

3M has all you need for any welding project: masks, gloves, respirators and more.

Wire Crimping Tools

Don't trust your cables or wires to just any crimping tool. Put the reliability and strength of 3M in the palm of your hand for precise and lasting results every time.

Wrenches & Sockets

Whether tightening or loosening, you'll see faster and consistent results with 3M wrenches and sockets.


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