AkzoNobel Specialty Aerospace Coatings Resources

AkzoNobel 28C1

This single-component compound is ideal for filling pinholes and pores before applying finishing coatings. Compatible with most epoxy and polyurethane surfacers and topcoats.

AkzoNobel 8B6A

Two-component, polyurethane conductive coating with excellent electrical capabilities and protection against impact, erosion and abrasion. Resistant to chemicals such as aircraft fuels, lubricants and hydraulic fluids; recommended as a surface static deterrant for critical airframe areas.

AkzoNobel 85W5

This polyurethane primer surfacer is ideal to fill or smooth unevenness on aircraft aluminum.

AkzoNobel 454-4-1

Two-component, epoxy coating engineered for electrostatic spray that provides protection from hydraulic fluids, aircraft fuels and corrosion. Meets VOC requirements for SCAQMD Rule 1124.

AkzoNobel 467-9

This two-part epoxy putty filler provides smooth and long-lasting surfaces; ideal for fiberglass or composite exteriors.

AkzoNobel 473-13

This two-part fuel tank coating acts as a complementary barrier against aircraft fuel vapors.

AkzoNobel 683-3-2

This two-part, polyurethane clear topcoat provides exceptional resistance against hydraulic fluids, aircraft fuels and other chemicals with two dry options.

AkzoNobel Flamarest

Catalyzed thermal insulating resin that provides a tough, long-lasting intumescent interior and exterior epoxy coating. Flamarest creates a porcelain-like shield that protects substrates such as fiberglass, plastics and various aluminum alloys against flame and heat.

AkzoNobel Griptex

In combination with Alumigrip, provides a non-slip surface on step areas, wing walkways and other areas that require a slip-resistant surface.

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