Alpha Markets

Advanced Soldering Materials to Serve a Range of Markets & Applications

When performance matters, Alpha delivers with materials designed for reliability across a range of electronics assembly markets. From complex automotive production to challenging handheld device applications, Alpha solutions are engineered to get the job done with high-reliability liquid soldering fluxes, solder bars, solder pastes and flux cored wire. With so many options, you'll find there's an Alpha solution for virtually any task.


Based on global engineering expertise, Alpha solutions for the automotive industry are designed for maximum reliability and efficiency.

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Keep pace with complex technologies and rapid industry advancements with Alpha soldering materials for high-density computer and component applications.

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Built on extensive industry experience, Alpha soldering materials are trusted for use with countless IT and telecom applications all over the world.

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Expertly designed for low cost per lumen, high efficiency and optimal reliability, Alpha solutions are engineered to advance your entire LED manufacturing process.

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Enlist the best with Alpha's specially developed soldering materials, designed to tackle the unique challenges common to military industry applications.

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Navigate intricate circuitry with ease. Durable and lightweight, Alpha soldering solutions were designed for the complications of small device assembly.

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Power Supply

Achieve enhanced connectivity, mobility and sustainability with Alpha solutions for a range of electronic device assembly applications in the power supply industry.

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Engineered for use with electrical connections and a range of application processes, Alpha solutions for TVs and more put soldering performance on display.

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