Alpha Solder

Save time. Find all of your soldering solutions in one place with Alpha.

So many factors go into solder selection. When you choose Alpha, you're assured of high-performance, quality electronic assembly and rework products.

What about availability and cost? As North America's largest Alpha distributor, only Hisco can offer you the product scope and competitive pricing you demand. Hisco carries the entire Alpha portfolio of products from liquid flux and solder paste to solder bar and cored wire.

Liquid Flux

Designed for performance and consistency, Alpha liquid soldering flux offers the ideal solution for wave soldering applications.

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Solder Paste

Designed for high throughput, elevated yield and low cost of ownership, Alpha solder paste features a range of alloy options for unique processes and standard applications.

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Solder Bar

From their proprietary Vaculoy process for removing impurities in solder bar to the world's best scrap recycling program—Alpha takes you beyond the ordinary.

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Cored Wire

From environmentally compliant Telecore products to water-soluble Alpha Pure Core, find a full complement of solder wires for component attach, rework and touch-ups.

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Solder Preforms

Effortlessly optimize PCB assembly processes with Alpha solder preforms - designed to streamline production while saving both time and money.

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Recycling Services

From solder dross reclamation to pastes, wipes, syringes and more, Alpha Recycling Services will maximize your financial return – while minimizing environmental liability.

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