Alpha Solder

Solutions for the Soldering Performance of a Lifetime

Your soldering skill takes center stage with Alpha's inventive range of advanced materials for electronic assembly processes. And when it comes to performance, Alpha steals the show with liquid soldering flux, solder pastes, solder bars, and flux cored wire engineered to redefine the industry standard.

As North America's largest Alpha distributor, only Hisco can offer the product scope and competitive pricing relied on by companies around the globe. With rework and electronic assembly solutions for industries like aerospace, defense, solar, medical and more, Alpha provides the tools to let your skills shine.

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Liquid Flux

Designed for performance and consistency, Alpha liquid soldering flux offers the ideal solution for wave soldering applications.

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Solder Paste

Designed for high throughput, elevated yield and low cost of ownership, Alpha solder paste features a range of alloy options for unique processes and standard applications.

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Solder Bar

Conditioned through their proprietary Vaculoy® alloying process, Alpha's solder bars deliver with high purity and low oxides, good wetting and best value soldering performance.

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Cored Wire

When it comes to high performance hand soldering, flux cored wire from Alpha is essential for rework, through-hole applications, surface mount technologies and more.

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