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Got printers — but looking for labels? We've got durable, flexible Brady solutions designed to suit virtually any application requirement. The industry standard for more than 100 years, Brady labels are constructed of the highest-quality materials for product identification, chemical and electrical hazard awareness, lab management, wire ID and facility communications. Don't own a Brady printer yet? We offer a range of printers and accessories, including the popular Brady i7100 to help with your most rugged tasks Explore our popular options below or reach out to request a quote.

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Featured Brady Labels and Print Solutions

Brady B-423 Polyester Label Material

Looking for an identification solution to take on harsh environments? Constructed of durable materials and adhesives engineered to withstand the elements, Brady B-423 is part of the Brady WorkHorse series, specially designed for extreme work environments.

  • Adheres to glass, thermoset polyester plastic and polyvinyl fluoride plastic substrates in addition to stainless steel, painted enamel and polyester powder-coated paint
  • Ideal for general identification, barcoding, and asset and inventory tracking
  • Exceptional abrasion, heat, low-temperature, and fuel/oil resistance
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Brady B-427 Self-Laminating Vinyl Wrap-Around Labels

Ideal for electrical, telecommunication, datacom, and other wire and cable applications, Brady B-427 labels are offered in a range of materials to suit environmental and application-specific demands, allowing for quick identification during troubleshooting and repair.

  • Provided in a self-laminated format with a white printable zone and translucent over-laminating area to protect text
  • Durable, permanent acrylic adhesive has outstanding water and oil resistance
  • Excellent protection against abrasion, dirt, oils, solvents, water and excess handling
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BRADYBONDZ B-480A Thermal Transfer Labels

Engineered for slippery situations, the Brady B-480A thermal transfer label is a greasy or oily application essential. Backed with an aggressive, rubber-based adhesive, the B-480A is additionally resistant to heat, abrasion and temperature extremes.

  • Adheres well to stainless steel, textured ABS, polypropylene, painted enamel and powder-coated metal substrates
  • Ideal applications including bar code labels, serial plates and rating plates requiring nameplate-like quality
  • A ribbon is required to print this material — recommended options include Brady Series R6000 Halogen-Free, R4400 and R4900
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Brady Custom Labels

Don't let your unique products be limited to common stock labeling options. Brady's diverse label portfolio of more than 120 different label types gives you custom products with unlimited configurations to ensure you'll receive the ideal labeling solution to match virtually any application.

  • Popular applications include electrical and automation, laboratory and sample tracking, product ID and production line, asset ID, general industrial, and electronics and PCB
  • Configurable options include size, shape, spacing, color, position, gaps and periodicity, and corner types
  • Specify preferred print technology, ink type, printer, release liner, notches and sense marks, and protective clear coats and laminates
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Brady i7100 printer

Get the job done with the printer designed to do more. Whatever the demands of your application, the heavy-duty Brady i7100 delivers reliability and accuracy for projects ranging from high volume to precision printing and beyond.

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  • Offers the widest range of printable materials alongside ease of operation and an intuitive, touchscreen design
  • Engineered for workhorse performance, the Brady i7100 prints thousands of labels per day, every day
  • Supports labeling automation for cost reduction and improved compliance, quality, accuracy and productivity
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