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EDSYN 951SXe LONER with Linear Temperature Control

Meet the newest member of the EDSYN soldering family, the LONER 951SXe soldering station featuring a compact and lightweight design, analog display, and linear temperature control. RoHS compliant and ESD-safe, the system includes external calibration features to ensure easy maintenance, while its illuminated design offer enhanced visibility and control.

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EDSYN FXF11 FUMINATOR Brings Static-Safe Fume Extraction to the Table

The ultimate fume extractor/illumination combo! EDSYN's most popular benchtop fume extractor has just been upgraded to include a task light feature to help ease the eye strain the goes hand-in-hand with small rework applications. Ultra-quiet and compact, the FXF11 features two-stage charcoal impregnated filtration with a proprietary FUMINATOR ROTAFILTER system for 8x better fume removal.

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About EDSYN Incorporated

From its humble beginnings as a small, LA-based company in the early 1960s, EDSYN has grown to become one of industry's most well-respected electronics manufacturing leaders. The company currently boasts two factory locations in California and additional subsidiaries in Europe. With a comprehensive soldering product portfolio and a catalog of patented technologies, all EDSYN products are proudly made in the USA.

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