TidyPen® Adhesive Remover, 10ml Pen, 5 per Pack

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  • Brand Name: MicroCare
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The Microcare MCC-PEN is a package of TidyPen™ 10mL adhesive removers.

MicroCare MCC-PEN Features:
  • Dissolves and lifts away tape residues, labels and adhesives that nothing else will touch
  • Saves time and hassles by dispensing a precise quantity of a powerful, natural cleaner that penetrates quickly
  • Removes glue, bar code labels and price tags
  • Used by quality inspectors, foremen, nurses and auto dealers
  • Built from ESD-safe aluminium making them unbreakable, spill-proof and easily recycled
  • Will not stain or leave residues
  • Natural, biodegradable and safe for the ozone layer
  • Quantity: Pack of 5, 10mL aluminum pens
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