ELASTOSIL® RT623, A/B 1kg Kit

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  • Brand Name: Wacker
  • Shelf Life: 720 Days From Date of Manufacture
The WACKER ELASTOSIL RT607AB-1KGPK is a pourable, addition-cure two-part silicone rubber in a 1 kg kit.  ELASTOSIL RT 623 A/B  vulcanizes at room temperature and  has a medium Shore A hardness and a high tear strength.  ELASTOSIL RT 623 A/B  has been specially designed as a base material for making printing pads.  WACKER ELASTOSIL RT607AB-1KGPK Features:
  • very good flow
  • high reactivity for fast demolding even if large amounts of silicone fluid are added
  • fast and non-shrink cure at room temperature which can be accelerated considerably by the application of heat
  • medium Shore A hardness (approx 31)
  • high tear strength
  • long-term stability of the vulcanizate's mechanical properties, particularly its hardness
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