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Cover your boards and your bases with Henkel conformal coating formulas.

A properly coated board conforms to high performance standards. Its insulative layer defends against moisture, salt, chemicals and temperature changes, so delicate—and increasingly miniaturized—circuitry is shielded from potentially fatal effects of arcing or current bleed.

LOCTITE® brand conformal coating types, including acrylics, urethane acrylates, urethane and silicones, provide barrier protection in fast-cure and solvent-free formulations. Spray, dip or brush the proper PCB conformal coating for your application to promote reliability and process efficiency as well as environmental responsibility.


Recognized for high dielectric strength, acrylic conformal coating materials resist abrasion and are easily applied and removed for rework/repair. These typically one-part systems provide fair elasticity and general protection of PCBs.

Urethane Acrylates

Generally UV curable urethane acrylates feature high throughput, high solids/low VOCs and good chemical resistance. Ideally suited for adhesion and flexibility with temperature range.


One- and two-part urethanes offer flexible, durable coatings with good dielectric properties and solvent resistance. Consider urethanes for good moisture resistance to vapor.


Excellent for temperature extremes and cycling, silicone conformal coating materials resist humidity and provide flexible, resilient coatings with vibration dampening. Silicones feature good sunlight resistance and high dielectric strength.

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Board protection via conformal coating reduces premature failure. Rely on a highly-trained, Hisco representative to help you select the right one. Complete our brief form for fast, friendly service.