Advanced Solutions for Modern Industrial Challenges

Unlock the world of Loctite to discover performance solutions that extend to virtually every market. From design and assembly to manufacturing and maintenance, the LOCTITE brand is uniquely equipped to simplify industrial processes while improving your bottom line with the most complete range of performance adhesives, sealants and dispensing systems available.

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LOCTITE Products

Adhesives & Sealants

With the industry's most extensive and familiar adhesive offering, the LOCTITE brand features a complete range of adhesive systems, sealants, coatings, surface treatments and more.

Dispensing Equipment

Designed to ensure controlled, reliable dispensing, LOCTITE applicators and accessories combine ergonomics with user-driven designs based on a variety of process requirements.

Surface Conditioning

Engineered for cutting, smoothing and finishing of metal surfaces, LOCTITE abrasive paste compounds are essential for polishing, sharpening, cleaning and precision mating of metal parts.

Chemicals & Cleaners

From catalysts to contact cleaners, the LOCTITE offering includes an extensive range of industrial-grade chemicals, solutions and more.

Safety & Personal Protection

There's more to manufacturing processes than meets the eye. Ensure safety on the production floor with solutions designed for personal protection.