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Go ahead, flux your muscles.

Powerlift mixed soils without leaving a trace. MicroCare's flux removers and degreasers are tough on the sticky stuff. Oils and inks? Residues and conformal coatings? Rid yourself of all the remnants in your way. From high-volume to high-end, MicroCare solutions make it easy to trim down costs and tone up operational efficiencies for a healthier, more productive way to work out.

Choose your environment; we'll help you power through it.

High-End Production Environments

  • Ultra-clean
  • Double as degreasers
  • Suitable for multiple industries
  • Reduce fire hazard

High-Volume Manufacturing Environments

  • Economical
  • Fast-drying
  • Heavy duty

We Make Cleaning Easy!

This simple chart compares our best selling electronics cleaners on two important characteristics: safety and cleaning strength. Use the chart below to get started in your search. Find more details on the following pages of this catalog or at

Nonflammable PCB Cleaners, for Maximum Safety
Lead-Free Flux Remover PowerClean Heavy Duty Flux Remover SuprClean General Purpose Flux Remover C Universal Flux Remover Universal Contact Cleaner
(Test on Plastics)
Slow-Drying Bioact® Flux Remover Polar Flux Remover VOC-Free Flux Remover UltraClean No-Clean Flux Remover VeriClean Alcohol-Enhanced Flux Remover ProClean
Flammable PCB Cleaners, for Maximum Cost-Savings

Get a Grip

Stretch your solvent-dollars further with MicroCare's Trigger Grip system. It slashes solvent consumption up to 50%. And it works with nearly every aerosol solvent, so you can dispense more for less—even in static sensitive environments. Ready to clean up?

Watch this short video.

Hazy on the many uses of industrial degreasers?

Look to MicroCare for transparency—not to mention versatility. From glass cleaning to film converting, ultra-clean defluxers double as degreasers. Even hard-worn surfaces are no match for MicroCare's clear vision and heavy-lifting polymers.

Strengthen Your Resolve

Mechanical scrubbing action is always within your grasp. The Trigger Grip system is customizable with an assortment of brushes and syringes designed for superior wetting, scrubbing, rinsing and drying of your PCB. Accessorize now!

Bench Mounting Kit Holds a can and a Trigger Grip. Keeps workbench tidy. Extends Trigger Grip life.
Standard Brush, Natural Bristle Nylon brush cleans stencils and mechanical parts.
Standard Brush, Natural Bristle, Slo-Flo Cuts solvent usage, speeds cleaning, saves money.
Surface Mount Brush, Standard Cleans tightly-spaced SMT assemblies.
Syringe, .035 OD (Yellow) Deliver high-pressure precision cleaning with less solvent and waste.
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