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Robust Metal Construction

ESD-Safe Design

Calibration-Free Operation

Enhance accuracy and recovery with the newly redesigned PACE ADS200 PLUS.

In an increasingly automated world, nothing on the production floor is more important than accuracy. Fortunately, the popular PACE ADS200 PLUS features significant advancements to enhance its precision and overall thermal performance throughout the entire cycle, spanning from the power source to the tip heater cartridge. This redesign ensures heightened responsiveness to increased thermal demands during soldering operations, coupled with enhanced thermal recovery capabilities — all while maintaining full compatibility with previous versions at no additional expense.

Central to the ADS200 PLUS is proprietary AccuDrive Technology, which entirely redefines temperature control. With AccuDrive, users can accurately set temperatures without the need for cartridge changes or calibration. Its sophisticated electronics incorporate instantaneous load sensing and deliver on-demand power, facilitating rapid reflow of solder joints at safe, lower temperatures, irrespective of application mass.

Coupled with enhanced accuracy, responsiveness and recovery, AccuDrive Technology will redefine your soldering performance expectations. Explore the PACE ADS200 PLUS line, in stock and available now.

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