3M™ Neoprene Rubber and Gasket Adhesive 2141, Light Yellow, 1 Quart Can, 12/case

00021200202421-31196 MFG #: 2141
$70.37 / QT
  • Brand Name: 3M Scotch-Weld
  • Series: 2141
  • Product Type: Rubber and Gasket Adhesive
  • Material Compatibility: Fabric, Leather, Metal, Wood, Plastic
  • Color: Tan
  • Primary Color: Tan
  • Maximum Bonding Time: 15min
  • Heat Resistance: <170°F
  • Physical Form: Liquid
  • Setting Time: 5 to 10min
  • Viscosity Measurement: 900 to 1500cP
  • Shelf Life: 455 Days From Date of Manufacture, 912 Days From Date of Manufacture
  • Chemical Composition: Toluene, Magnesium Resinate, Petroleum Distillates, Polychloroprene, Acetone, n-Hexane, Glycerol Esters of Rosin Acids, Rosin, Zinc Oxide, Ethylbenzene, Xylene
  • Specific Gravity: 0.86
  • Odor: Sweet Petroleum
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: +65°F
  • Container Capacity: 1qt
  • Container Type: Quart
  • Package Quantity: 12CA
  • Container Size: 1 qt
  • Maximum Storage Temperature: 80
  • Minimum Storage Temperature: 60

3M™ Neoprene High Performance Rubber and Gasket Adhesive 2141 is an all-around reliable synthetic rubber adhesive best used in general industrial applications. It is used to bond materials to a variety of substrates including most metal, baked enamel, wood, plastics, neoprene, and various rubbers. It is a high strength adhesive with a light yellow appearance.

3M 2141 Features:
  • High performance adhesive forms strong bonds in as little as 15 minutes
  • Adheres to neoprene, SBR, butyl, leather, vinyl and various rubbers
  • Excellent fuel and oil resistance
  • Heat and chemical resistant allows for use in unique and harsh environments
  • Offers long tack range for precise placement
  • Light yellow in appearance
3M 2141 Specifications:
  • Brand: 3M™
  • Product Type: Accessory
  • Color: Light Yellow
  • Part Number: 2141