3M™ Flap Disc 566A, 80, T29 Quick Change, 4-1/2 in x 5/8 in-11, 10 ea/Case

00051141554044-31196 MFG #: 00051141554044
$9.53 / DC
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  • Brand Name: 3M
  • Series: 566A
  • Product Type: Flap Disc
  • Abrasive Type: Coated
  • Flap Disc Type: Type 29
  • Disc Diameter: 4.5in
  • Abrasive Material: Alumina Zirconia, Aluminum Zirconia
  • Grade: Fine, Non Pertinent
  • Grit: 80
  • Center Hole Thread Size: 5/8 in-11
  • Center Hole Thread Type: Internal
  • Backing Plate Material: Fiber
  • Flap Backing Material: Cloth
  • Flap Backing Weight: YF
  • Coat Type: Closed Coat
  • Maximum Speed: 13300rpm
  • Color: Green
  • Applications: Blending, Deburring, Right Angle Grinding
  • Package Quantity: 10 DISC, 10CA
  • Attachment Type: Threaded
  • Backing Weight: X

3M™ Flap Disc 566A provides a versatile one-disc system for metal fabrication applications where more durability is needed for medium-weight grinding, small weld removal, finishing, and surface preparation. Run on a right angle grinder, this disc is a one-step alternative to bonded wheels and fiber discs.

We use self-fracturing alumina zirconia abrasive with a superior cut-rate to aluminum oxide, and versatile performance on many metal types. The 566A flap disc is made with strong yet flexible YF-weight polyester-cotton backing that is well-suited for handling sharp edges and medium to high pressure applications, making this disc a great choice for the majority of grinding and finishing jobs. It is resin-coated for heat resistance. Under normal conditions, flap discs will generate a finish that is one grade finer than the finish of a fiber disc of the same grade.

Flap discs are three-dimensional grinding discs with overlapping layers or flaps that fan out from a central hub. These abrasive-coated, polyester-cotton flaps continually wear away with use to expose fresh mineral for a fast, consistent cut. And, because their overlapping construction allows more abrasive material to be loaded onto the cutting surface, they far outlast typical discs. Flap discs are ideal for a wide range of applications, including grinding of small welds (with grades less than 80), deburring, rust removal, edge grinding, and weld seam blending.

We chose alumina zirconia (sometimes called AZ or zirconia alumina) because it fractures frequently to continually produce fresh sharp points and deliver a faster cut-rate than aluminum oxide. A man-made mineral, it was developed for heavy stock removal and high pressure grinding.

3M 00051141554044 Features:
  • Flap discs allow one-step grinding and blending, saving time and cost
  • Alumina zirconia self-sharpens and provides extended life and more cutting power than aluminum oxide, reducing replacement costs
  • Strong, Y-weight polyester-cotton backing offers flexibility and supports fast cut on medium to high pressure grinding and finishing applications
  • Quick change disc simplifies disc changes and does not require hand tools
3M 00051141554044 Specifications:
  • Abrasive Material: Alumina Zirconia
  • Attachment Type: Threaded
  • Backing Material: Cloth
  • Backing Weight: YF Weight
  • Color: Green
  • Grade: Non Pertinent
  • Package Quantity: 10 DISC