TD-200 Blue Series Standard Angled MiniWave® Solder Tip (2.11mm) for AccuDrive Stations

1130-0035-P1-37629 MFG #: 1130-0035-P1
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  • Brand Name: PACE Worldwide
  • Series: Blue Series
  • Product Type: Soldering Tip
  • Tip Shape: Angled MiniWave
  • Tip Size: 2.11mm
  • Availability: In Stock

The PACE Worldwide 1130-0035-P1 is a TD-200 Blue Series solder tip for AccuDrive Stations. Blue Series Tip-Heater Cartridges combine a high-accuracy sensor and robust heater, delivering up to 120 Watts of power in one integrated cartridge. Unlike curie point systems, you can select any temperature you want from 380°F/193°C to 850°F/454°C without changing the cartridge – one tip, any temperature. The quick-change cartridges can be instantly swapped while hot, and achieve set temperatures in seconds.

PACE Worldwide 1130-0035-P1 Features:
  • High capacity integrated heater delivers up to 120 Watts of pure power
  • Accurate, honest temperatures consistant, accurate tip temperatures meet or exceed J-STD-001 requirements
  • Hot-swappable quick-change tips fast & easy change-out withing 2 seconds, without turning the unit off
  • Select any temperature for a chosen tip cartridge without having to buy additional ones.
  • Superior heat transfer/delivery allows for safer, lower temperatures, reduces risk of PCB damage, improves tip life
  • Inexpensive cartridges less than half the price of most cartridge style or curie point tips, delivers lowest cost of ownership
  • Hot-Swappable quick-change tips for fast & easy change-out within 2 seconds, without turning the unit off
PACE Worldwide 1130-0035-P1 Specifications:
  • Series: TD-200 Blue Series
  • Product type: Soldering tip
  • Tip Shape: Angled MiniWave
  • Tip Size: 2.11mm
  • For use with: AccuDrive Soldering Stations and TD-200 Soldering Iron
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