NR-300-A2 VOC-Free Halide-Free Wave Solder Flux, 55 Gallon Drum

116742-0055-1998 MFG #: 116742-0055
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  • Brand Name: Alpha
  • Product Type: Solder Flux
  • Shelf Life: 540 Days From Date of Manufacture
  • Container Type: Drum
  • Container Size: 55 gal
  • Storage Conditions: Ambient

HazardousThis item is hazardous and may be subject to an additional handling fee.

ALPHA® NR300A2 is a VOC-free halide-free, rosin/resin-free, low solids no-clean flux, which provides adequate activity VOC-free Bellcorecompliant flux for defect-free soldering. It is formulated with a proprietary mixture of organic activators and proprietary additives which delivergood wetting and top-side hole fill, significant reduction in solder bridging, solder balls, icicles and skips on difficult to solder assemblies.FEATURES & BENEFITS Bellcore compliant for assemblies requiring this standard. VOC-free to help meet air quality regulations. Thermally stable activators provide low solder bridging. Reduces the surface tension between solder mask and solder to provide low solderball frequency. Very low level of non-tacky residue to reduce interference with pin testing and good board cosmetics. Assemblies produced can be coated with conformal coating without problem.APPLICATION GUIDELINESPREPARATION - In order to maintain consistent soldering performance and electrical reliability, it is important to begin the process with circuitboards and components that meet established requirements for solderability and ionic cleanliness. It is suggested that assemblers establishspecifications on these items with their suppliers and that suppliers provide Certificates of Analysis with shipments and/or assemblers performincoming inspection. Acommon specification for the ionic cleanliness of incoming boards and components is 5μg/in2 maximum, as measured by an Omegameter withheated solution.Care should be taken in handling the circuit boards throughout the process. Boards should always be held at the edges. The use of clean,lint-free gloves is also recommended.Conveyors, fingers and pallets should be cleaned. Bioact SC-10 Solvent Cleaner has been found to be very useful for these cleaningapplications.FLUX APPLICATION €“ ALPHA NR300A2 is formulated to be applied by spray method. When spray fluxing, the uniformity of the coating can bevisually checked by running a piece of cardboard over the spray fluxer or by processing a board-sized piece of tempered glass through the sprayand then through the preheat section.
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