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Standard Abrasives™ Quick Change TR Felt Polishing Disc 840480, 3 in, 10 per inner 100 per case

7000046874-31180 MFG #: 7000046874
$8.34 / EA
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  • Brand Name: Standard Abrasives
  • Product Type: Abrasive Discs
  • Abrasive Material: Felt
  • Grade: Non Pertinent
  • Package Quantity: 100 DISC

The name of our Standard Abrasives™ Quick Change Felt Polishing Disc relays one of its best uses: polishing. This abrasive product helps produce a mirror finish on a variety of metals.


Smooth running. Quick disc change. (TR attachment shown)

Felt Discs: Offering Superior Flexibility
The Standard Abrasives™ Quick Change Felt Polishing Disc is made with nonwoven felt fibers, which, like cotton, are soft, pliable and elastic. The spongy and responsive nature of these felt fibers prevents the abrasive from gouging or denting the substrate. In fact, the Standard Abrasives™ Quick Change Felt Polishing Disc is a sanding disc to use for the final step in a sequence, because it helps the workpiece shine without significantly altering its dimensions. Its light scratch requires light pressure, so users can achieve a desirable finish without too much operator fatigue.

When working with a rough or scratched metal part, for example, users will often begin with an aggressive abrasive, like a Surface Conditioning Disc, to remove unwanted burrs and contaminants from the substrate. The Standard Abrasives™ Quick Change Felt Polishing Disc helps seal the job by delivering a final polish. It's great for polishing a variety of metals like aluminum, stainless steel, brass and chrome. In addition to the nonwoven felt fibers offering superior flexibility, gaps between the fibers allow swarf to escape. This added benefit prevents the abrasive from clogging with debris, prolonging abrasive service life.

Sometimes, users will apply a buffing compound to help smooth out the surface. Gaps between nonwoven fibers on the Standard Abrasives™ Quick Change Felt Polishing Disc help hold buffing compounds and distribute the substance evenly over the surface. It's important for operators to use compounds sparingly and follow accompanying instructions, because too much compound could saturate the workpiece and impede abrasive effectiveness. Striking a good balance between abrasive and compound is key.



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Quick Change Attachment
Available in a range of sizes, the small diameters of some of these polishing discs render them useful for tight surface areas — nooks and crannies that might otherwise be hard to tackle. The Standard Abrasives™ Quick Change Felt Polishing Disc features Quick Change TS and TR fastening systems. TS is a standard metal eyelet and TR is a nylon threaded male (screw type) hub. These attachment systems help speed the process and make for easy swap out of discs. Once the disc is attached to its matching holder pad, it can be used with a rotary tool.

Altogether, our Standard Abrasives™ Quick Change Felt Polishing Disc is a good abrasive for final polishing and finishing, helping revitalize lackluster surfaces and making the workpiece shine.




3M 7000046874 Features:
  • Instant disc changes with Quick Change TS or TR fastening systems; disc is centered for smooth running
  • Cool running, reduces risk of loading
  • Conforms to contours, radii and I.D. areas
  • Responsive and elastic felt fibers prevent undercutting or gouging of the workpiece
  • May be used on aluminum, brass and chrome
3M 7000046874 Specifications:
  • Abrasive Material: Felt
  • Attachment Type: TR
  • Grade: Non Pertinent
  • Maximum RPM: 18000 none
  • Package Quantity: 100 DISC
  • Part Number: 840480