Scotch-Brite™ Premium Blend and Finish Type L Flap Brush, PB-FB, TS Red Core, 7A Coarse, 6 in x 18 in x 3.15 in, 1 ea/Case

7010329492-31180 MFG #: 7010329492
$1,346.67 / EA
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  • Brand Name: Scotch-Brite
  • Width: 18 in

Scotch-Brite™ Premium Blend and Finish Flap Brush has all the benefits operators have come to expect from our Scotch Brite™ products, but its heightened ability to cut aggressively sets this abrasive flap brush apart. It is even more durable than High Strength Scotch Brite™ products.

Aggressive Cut, Even Finish
Commonly used for aggressive finishing and mild cleaning and deburring, our Scotch-Brite™ Premium Blend and Finish Flap Brush cuts aggressively, but leaves an even, consistent finish in its wake. It produces fine finishes on tools like saw blades, as well as deburrs and finishes on parts like surgical tools and medical equipment trays. This flap brush enhances productivity by enabling operators to deburr and finish in one step.

The Anatomy of Flap Brushes
We engineer the Scotch-Brite™ Premium Blend and Finish Flap Brush by adhering individual sheets of abrasive material to a steel or fiberglass core at a 90 degree angle. Steel cores are 5.75” in diameter and the red cores are designed to fit flat finishing machines. Scotch-Brite™ Premium Blend and Finish Flap Brush is also categorized as “Type L.” The thickness of Type L is approximately 4x thicker than regular Clean and Finish web, which enhances abrasive durability.

Under normal use (abiding by recommended RPMs), the brush minimizes chatter risk. As it spins, flaps rotate centrifugally and make continuous contact with the workpiece. By deflecting slightly and abrading the surface, the wide flaps eliminate the residual traces or marks that tend to be left by singular discs or discs ganged on a shaft. The brush may be used with a variety of tools, including backstand, match and finish sander and a centerless grinder.

Scotch-Brite™ Premium Blend and Finish Flap Brush incorporates coarse aluminum oxide mineral into the open web. Aluminum oxide is a popular synthetic mineral choice among industrial professionals because of its hardness, strength and durability.

The Many Advantages of Scotch-Brite™ Abrasives
Nonwoven technology makes our Scotch-Brite™ industrial abrasives unique. A combination of fiber strands, resin, and abrasive mineral forms a thick, open web. The spring-like nature of the fibers responds to contours and effectively removes unwanted burrs, soils, and contaminants while maintaining the geometry of the workpiece, which in turn reduces rework and boosts productivity.

Gaps in the web allow swarf to escape, so debris does not clog the mineral. Fibers in the web continually break down with use to reveal fresh mineral for exceptional consistency and long service life. Scotch-Brite™ products may enhance productivity while reducing the need for cleaning chemicals and wire brushes. Scotch-Brite abrasives work fast and deliver consistent results, part after part.

3M 7010329492 Features:
  • Versatile brush deburrs and finishes in one step
  • High-performance alternative to conventional wire brushes
  • Thick open web enhances abrasive toughness and durability
  • Open web resists loading, prolonging abrasive service life and contributing to a consistent cut
3M 7010329492 Specifications:
  • Abrasive Material: Aluminum Oxide
  • Attachment Type: Center Hole
  • Color: Gold
  • Grade: Coarse
  • Package Quantity: 1 EACH
  • Width: 18 in