Standard Abrasives™ Multi-Finish Wheel 856491, 8 in x 2 in x 3 in 2S CRS, 2 ea/Case

7010330651-31180 MFG #: 7010330651
$129.20 / EA
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  • Brand Name: Standard Abrasives
  • Attachment Type: Center Hole
  • Grade: Coarse
  • Abrasive Material: Silicon Carbide
  • Package Quantity: 2 WHLS

Standard Abrasives™ Multi-Finish Wheel is a low density, durable wheel used primarily for applications requiring a linear scratch and final finish on surfaces where no edges or burrs are present.

Low Density, High Performance
We purposefully engineered our Standard Abrasives™ Multi-Finish Wheel as a low density wheel, so it would conform to the workpiece and leave a soft scratch pattern without greatly altering the geometry of the part. During final finishing with a low density wheel like our Standard Abrasives™ Multi-Finish Wheel, low pressure should be applied. This helps prevent gouging or denting of the surface and, as an added benefit, reduces operator fatigue. Moreover, because the wheel is low density, it splays out a bit more than a hard density wheel would, allowing greater contact with the workpiece surface area.

Soft Scratch Patterns
The Standard Abrasives™ Multi-Finish Wheel is designed by mixing silicon carbide mineral and nonwoven nylon fibers with resin to create an open web. Although it dulls more quickly, silicon carbide is harder and sharper than most aluminum oxides. Combining sharp cutting mineral with low pressure makes for a good, soft scratch pattern that users desire during final finishing. The mineral comes in fine (FIN), medium (MED) and coarse (CRS) grades. Users should opt for a fine grade for the softest scratch pattern and a coarser grade for a rougher scratch pattern.

Benefits of Open Web Abrasives
Nonwoven fibers in open web break down during grinding to reveal new mineral, and the benefits are twofold. First, mineral renewal lends itself to a consistent scratch pattern, applied evenly throughout the life of the abrasive. Second, even attrition, or uniform breakdown of the fibers, prevents chunking or dusting. Because they are non-metallic, the nylon fibers do not contaminate metal; they won’t melt or produce the heat-induced smears and blemishes that might result from metal on metal.

Combining buoyant, responsive nonwoven fibers with sharp-cutting silicon carbide mineral make this abrasive a great match for final finishing. It performs well when blending coated abrasive scratches or blending surfaces to match a #4 mil finish. Some other great applications include satin finishing on architectural hardware or grain finishes prior to anodizing.

Whether stainless steel fabricators or appliance and food equipment manufacturers, our multi-finishing wheel is designed to help users from multiple industries achieve the final finish they desire. From door hardware, to plumbing fixtures, aluminum extrusions, sanitary metal containers and dairy equipment, this wheel is a good abrasive product for final finishing on a range of workpieces.

3M 7010330651 Features:
  • Low density wheel covers more surface area when light pressure is applied
  • Silicon carbide mineral, available in a range of grade, cuts sharp for final finishing
  • Runs smooth for less operator fatigue
  • Non-metallic nylon fibers prevent workpiece contamination, including smears and blemishes
  • Open web conforms to workpiece, preventing undercutting and gouging
3M 7010330651 Specifications:
  • Abrasive Material: Silicon Carbide
  • Attachment Type: Center Hole
  • Grade: Coarse
  • Package Quantity: 2 WHLS
  • Part Number: 856491