3M™ Flexible Diamond QRS Cloth Disc 6002J, M125, Pattern 18, Black, 3 in x NH, Die 300V, 5 ea/Case

7010363765-31180 MFG #: 7010363765
$50.27 / EA
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  • Brand Name: 3M
  • Product Type: Abrasive Discs
  • Abrasive Material: Diamond
  • Backing Material: Cloth
  • Backing Weight: Non Pertinent
  • Color: Black
  • Package Quantity: 5 DISC

3M™ Flexible Diamond QRS Cloth Disc 6002J was designed to tackle hard-to-grind materials like stone, glass, ceramics, carbides and composites. The open dot, micron-graded diamond and semi-flexible backing provide aggressive cutting action, while remaining responsive to contours.

Diamond for a Better Finish, FasterDiamond mineral and the open dot pattern of this disc encourages swarf removal for longer disc life. This disc is available in grades from M250 to M6 and in a variety of diameters.The semi-flexible X-weight cloth backing flexibility enables this disc to move forgivingly over the workpiece, responding to edges and contours.
Metal Bond Resists Wear and Anchors DiamondA metal bond securely anchors micron-graded diamonds to a flexible cloth backing in an open dot pattern. Metal bonds are known to be tough and durable binding agents when it comes to adhering mineral to a backing.
How to Identify the Three Open-Dot PatternsFlexible Diamond QRS Cloth Disc 6002J comes in three patterns: 18, B2 and 21. Here's how to distinguish between the three.
Pattern 18 is a small-dot pattern, designed for finer finishes, grade for grade
B2 is a medium-dot pattern designed for aggressive cutting action. It has improved coolant flow, given the spacing of the dots
Pattern 21 is the largest dot pattern and it's ideal for applications where loading is a problem. The gaps in the mineral design allow swarf and debris to escape
Overall, the open dot pattern – whether tight or condensed – delivers aggressive cutting action while reducing loading. Given its dual strength and flexibility, the Flexible Diamond QRS Cloth Disc 6002J is a great abrasive for your hard to grind materials.Importantly, this diamond abrasive with a QRS (hook and loop) backing for easier attachment. The hook and loop backing allows swift and easy change-out of discs, especially when the task requires multiple discs in a sequence.
Recommended Applications

Glass grinding and edge seaming
Fast leveling on stone inlay, glass, ceramic
Polishing stone, gems, composites, concrete and metal
Removing deep scratches in stone, glass or composites left by previous steps
Hard to grind materials

3M 7010363765 Features:
  • Diamond mineral provides aggressive cut and consistent scratch on hard-to-grind materials like stone, glass, ceramic, carbides and composites
  • Open dot mineral pattern allows swarf and debris to escape, helping to prevent loading
  • Metal bond anchors micron-graded diamond securely
  • Quick release attachment
  • Flexible backing responds to edges and contours
3M 7010363765 Specifications:
  • Abrasive Material: Diamond
  • Attachment Type: QRS
  • Backing Material: Cloth
  • Backing Weight: Non Pertinent
  • Color: Black
  • Package Quantity: 5 DISC