Contactless Infrared Sensor Upgrade Kit

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  • Brand Name: APR
  • Length: 1.0 in.
  • Width: 1.0 in.
  • Height: 1.0 in.

The APR APR-SRS-UK2 is a ir sensor upgrade kit for use with apr-1100-srs, apr-1200-srs, apr-1200a-srs, apr-1200a-srs-mob.

The APR APR-SRS-UK2 Features:
  • No thermal mass errors, no moving parts and no frictional heat errors for moving surfaces
  • Self-powered with no internal or external power requirements
  • Readings are extremely repeatable for use in process and quality-control applications
  • Mounted on an articulated arm attached directly to the Scorpion Rework System
  • Flexible settings with a rotation of up to 30° left to right and height adjustment down to 1/2in (12.7 mm)
The APR APR-SRS-UK2 Specifications:
  • Accessory Type: Contactless IR Sensor Upgrade Kit
  • For Use With: APR-1100-SRS, APR-1200-SRS, APR-1200A-SRS, APR-1200A-SRS-MOB
Pack: Each