Your Best Ally in the Fight Against Static

Static control can feel like a losing battle. To succeed, you'll need a fail-safe continuous monitoring solution designed for proven reliability and accuracy. Transforming Technologies comes to the rescue with the most complete wrist strap monitoring system available — the Resistance Ranger continuous monitoring system.

We've made it easier than ever to perfect your static control strategy. Now for a limited time, take advantage of complimentary shipping plus a WB7050 dual conductor wrist strap FREE of charge — a $40 value!

Resistance Ranger Constant Monitor

  • Ensures an accurate, cost-effective workstation monitoring solution
  • Continually monitors wrist strap resistance levels and ground connections of ESD work surfaces
  • Features an audible alarm to indicate failure
  • Includes dual-wire wrist straps to offer two paths to ground for superior ESD protection

Take advantage of FREE shipping + wrist strap offer!

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Image of RangerOne

Item# CM1600


Simple and economical, designed to monitor the resistance of a single user and wrist strap. System includes a second, unmonitored ground jack.

Image of RangerTwo

Item# CM1601


Intended to monitor the resistance level of a single user and wrist strap, as well as the work surface ground. System includes a second, unmonitored ground jack.

Image of Ranger Pro

Item# CM1602


Designed to simultaneously monitor two wrist bands, two work surfaces and two auxiliary grounds for unsurpassed protection. System includes two additional unmonitored ground jacks.