Bonding & Sealing

Ensure Stability and Precision with Silicone Adhesives

Looking for protection that sticks? Invest in a long-term relationship with WACKER silicone adhesives. From assembly to dismantling, WACKER silicone adhesives allow you to bond, seal and protect with precision and accuracy - all the while ensuring uniform distribution of stress and high temperature stability.

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1-Part Condensation-Curing RTV-1

ELASTOSIL A07 - Free-flowable, solvent-borne and amino-curing translucent silicone dispersion

ELASTOSIL A33 - Amine-curing beige silicone rubber with non-sag properties

ELASTOSIL A95 - Soft, amine-curing gray thixotropic sealant designed for good elongation

ELASTOSIL A442 - Soft, gray thixotropic sealant with high elongation properties

ELASTOSIL E14 - Low-viscosity silicone rubber designed for high temperature applications

ELASTOSIL E41 - Solvent-born transparent silicone rubber with very good mechanical properties

ELASTOSIL E43 - Black or transparent acetic-curing silicone rubber with self-leveling properties

ELASTOSIL N189 - Oxime-curing, oil-resistant black silicone sealant with non-slump properties

ELASTOSIL N198 - Gray or black oxime-curing silicone sealant with very good heat resistance

ELASTOSIL N199 - Non-slump transparent silicone sealant with good mechanical properties

ELASTOSIL N2010 - Flowable transparent silicone sealant with self-leveling properties

ELASTOSIL N2034 - Self-leveling and flowable gray silicone sealant with good heat stability

ELASTOSIL N2189 - Non-slump black silicone sealant with good resistance to oils

ELASTOSIL N2197 - Heat-resistant gray silicone sealant cures to a permanently flexible elastomer

ELASTOSIL N2199 - Transparent paste with excellent adhesion cures to a flexible silicone rubber

SEMICOSIL 979 EC - Black electrically conductive silicone rubber with low volume resistivity

2-Part Condensation-Curing

ELASTOSIL RT 772 - Gray silicone rubber with very good heat resistance and primerless adhesion

ELASTOSIL RT 774 - Non-slump, rapid-cure black silicone rubber suitable for FIPG applications

1-Part Addition-Curing

SEMICOSIL 989/1K - Thermal-curing translucent silicone rubber with very good adhesion

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