Conformal Coating

Enhance Circuit Board Reliability with Lightweight Protection

Good protection doesn't always mean bulking up. WACKER silicones for conformal coating applications make it easy to apply a thin layer of silicone through dip coating, spraying, flow coating, or selective coating methods. The result? A cost-effective, reliable solution engineered to insulate and safeguard electronic circuits through thick and thin.

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1-Part Condensation-Curing RTV-1

ELASTOSIL A07 - Free-flowable, solvent-based, low viscosity translucent silicone dispersion

ELASTOSIL N2010 - Self-leveling, flowable and sprayable transparent silicone sealant

SEMICOSIL 964 - Bluish amine cure system cures with condensation to a translucent coating

SEMICOSIL 964 UV/Clear - Transparent amine cure system cures with condensation or UV light

SEMICOSIL 960 - Rapid-cure red silicone dispersion with excellent electrical properties

2-Part Addition-Curing

ELASTOSIL RT 745 - Pourable and thermally curable brownish silicone rubber for PCBs

ELASTOSIL RT 745"S" - Primer-free, pourable and thermally-curable brownish silicone rubber

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