ELASTOSIL® Silicones

Versatile Solutions to Drive Emerging Technologies

Innovative and versatile, ELASTOSIL is definitely one of a kind. Created more than 25 years ago in Wacker laboratories, this pioneering technology is an industry essential for applications ranging from safety cables to medical assembly. All over the world, ELASTOSIL silicones have become an integral component of manufacturing and industrial processes, and continue to serve as the basis for both established and developing technologies.

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ELASTOSIL HTV Liquid & Solid Silicone Rubbers

Is your silicone caving under pressure? ELASTOSIL HTV liquid and solid silicones are "high temperature vulcanizing" - meaning that they're designed to cure under intense heat and pressure, making them the preferred solution for a range of manufacturing processes and applications.


Simplify silicone processing with ready-to-use ELASTOSIL RTV-1 systems. Engineered to cure at room temperature, these one-part, condensation-curing solutions require minimal investment and are ideal for essential bonding, sealing and encapsulation tasks.


With ELASTOSIL RTV-2 two-part silicone systems, you can set your own pace. Engineered for rapid vulcanization, RTV-2 silicones can cure in a matter of minutes with elevated temperatures or the addition of a suitable catalyst to offer exceptional adhesive properties and heat resistance.

ELASTOSIL Silicone Sealants

Is your standby silicone behaving like a fair-weather friend? Stand up to the elements with versatile ELASTOSIL silicone sealants. Extremely weather-resistant, sustainable and economically designed, these indispensable sealants offer considerable performance benefits.

ELASTOSIL Silicone Film

What a novel idea — a fresh take on standard silicone rubbers, this ultra-thin, high precision film is created entirely without solvents in a cleanroom facility. Bring the designs of tomorrow to life with a silicone film that's perfect for innovative technologies and future-oriented EAP electronics applications.

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