SEMICOSIL® Silicones

Specialized Technologies Designed Exclusively for Electronics

Looking for the perfect conformist? SEMICOSIL is no free spirit – this highly specialized silicone rubber adapts perfectly to the shape of electronic components to protect against a range of external effects. Engineered specifically for use with various electronics applications, SEMICOSIL is essential for tasks dealing with circuit boards, hybrid elements, and electronic manufacturing processes. The ideal candidate for both conventional processing and full automation, SEMICOSIL is the perfect solution for cost-effective mass electronics production.

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SEMICOSIL Silicone Gel

Are your components on the sensitive side? Protect them from external influences with SEMICOSIL silicone gels. Characterized by exceptional flexibility, purity, resistance and temperature tolerance, silicone gels are also water repellant with high electric strength.

SEMICOSIL RTV-1 & Sealants

If you're looking for simplicity in a silicone, SEMICOSIL RTV-1 systems are good to go. These one-part, condensation-curing solutions can be processed with simple metering equipment with minimal investment, and can even be applied manually.

SEMICOSIL RTV-2 & Sealants

Speed things up with addition-curing and condensation-curing two-part SEMICOSIL systems. Designed to cure at room temperature, these silicones can cure in a matter of minutes to deliver excellent adhesion and heat-resistant properties for a variety of substrates.


With versatility to suit a range of applications, SEMICOSIL silane compounds can be used as molecular bridges to enhance adhesion promotion, allow surface modification, enable crosslinking of polymers, and promote hydrophobization and durability.

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