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Tolling Services & Processing From Adhesive Materials Group

What is AMG?

Adhesive Materials Group is a division of Hisco. We specialize in packaging, labeling, and repackaging epoxies, adhesives, silicones, acrylics, resins, greases, and other specialty materials from world-class vendors such as 3M, LOCTITE, BONDERITE, AkzoNobel, WACKER, Elkem, and LORD.

Containers & Common Solutions

dual cartridges

Dual cartridges







specialty syringes

Single component specialty syringes

glass jars

Glass jars

lower costs

Caulk-type cartridges

plastic bottles and containers

Plastic bottles and containers

plastic syringes

Dual component specialty syringes

brushtop bottles

Brush-top bottles



burst bags

Burst bags


The QuickPouch Vertical ACS and Medical Device Manufacturing: A Perfect Match

New to AMG and specially designed for use with medical device manufacturing applications, the QuickPouch Vertical ACS is the culmination of decades of research in packaging automation. A second-generation model, the new ACS ensures high-quality repackaging in a fully automated, validatable and compact piece of equipment. A cycle-on-demand, form-fill seal system, the ACS features heated dies which create pouches from rollstock as well as Allen Bradley PLC and an intuitive, color touch screen – allowing the user to monitor vital constraints including pressure, status, heat seal temperature and beyond. Password-protected, pre-set ranges trigger an alarm if parameters are surpassed, which must then be cleared in order for operation to restore. The ACS is also easily integrated with upstream and downstream automation as well as your UDI track and trace system, making it an effortless addition to repackaging processes.

Additional standard features include:

  • Separate pneumatic and electrical control panels
  • Single exhaust output port
  • External validation ports
  • QuickChange hot swappable dies
  • Leveling casters
  • PLS ethernet connectivity
  • Integrated sensors and status light
  • Low maintenance sealed web brakes
  • Much, much more!



Increase productivity and production yields


Material integrity and quality


Accurate mix ratio and dispensing

shelf life

Extend shelf-life


Improve worker safety

reduce waste

Minimize labor and waste

lower costs

Lower your costs

Custom Formulas

Looking for a custom adhesive formula? AMG can help.

Ask Us How


Download your Adhesive Materials Group brochure here.


What can we do for you?

We help you improve your bottom line through customized adhesives packaging solutions. Our approach to chemical packaging focuses on efficiency for your product, application, storage, and quality needs, to reduce costs and help you drive profitability.

Contact Us

10803 Vinecrest Drive
Houston, TX 77086

Toll Free: 800.281.2307
Email: [email protected]

Improve your processes and yields with AMG’s customized chemical packaging

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