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Alpha SnCX 100 / SnCX 100T Lead-free Solder Alloy

Don't settle for less, choose best value with the ALPHA SnCX 100 lead-free solder alloy

If your soldering process requires a lead-free, no silver, low-cost bar with great performance and the best value, the new ALPHA SnCX 100 / Sn CX100T solder alloy is for you.

ALPHA SnCX 100 is a zero-silver, lead-free alloy with a lower-cost anti-oxidant and is suitable for most wave, selective solder and HASL (hot air solder leveling) applications.

The ALPHA SnCX 100T variant is used as a replenishment alloy in solder baths with elevated copper levels.

Reduces total cost of ownership due to lower material cost

Compatible with various surface finishes

Delivers good performance across different soldering processes

Good solderability due to the fast wetting speed

Why switch to ALPHA SnCX 100 / SnCX 100T?

Bright and smooth solder fillet appearance with no surface cracks

Excellent production yields; outperforms Sn99.3Cu0.7 based materials

Suitable in wave and hand soldering applications

Suitable for both horizontal & vertical HASL process with flat and uniform coating

Low dross generation delivered by Vaculoy process in conjunction with the addition of a dross reducing agent

Low copper dissolution rate

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Experience the advantages of ALPHA SnCX 100 lead-free alloy.

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