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Next Generation of Structural Acrylic Adhesives

Posted by 3M on 12/15/2023

Manufacturers around the world rely on acrylic adhesives to design and produce innovative new products. Acrylic adhesives improve aesthetics, bond to plastics and metals, and even deliver a secure bond between oily or contaminated surfaces. Despite improving many aspects of the assembly process, traditional acrylic adhesives have been challenged by: 

  • High levels of odors that can cause Environmental, Health & Safety concerns 
  • Lower impact resistance that result in brittle bonds 
  • Limited shelf life and refrigeration required

The product development team at 3M developed the Next Generation of 3M™ Scotch-Weld™ structural adhesives to address these challenges.

Structural Adhesive Advancements

Solving the challenges of speed, strength, shelf life, odor, and high and low temperature performance. 3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Structural Acrylic Adhesives can significantly improve throughput and productivity. Created to provide efficient bonding and greater design flexibility, these adhesives can withstand extreme temperatures, apply easily, build strength rapidly and resist impact and peel stresses. They can replace metal fasteners for both static and dynamic loads and are suitable for bonding most plastics, aluminum, steel, and oily metal surfaces. Here are the key features of these new acrylic adhesives:

Low Odor Formulation and Non-Flammable Classification - The 8600, 8700, and 8900 family of products features a low odor, non-flammable formulation that your entire team will appreciate.

High & Low Temperature Performance - DP8710NS is the high temperature bonding solution that doesn't require surface prep prior to bonding. DP8710NS has reliable cold temperature performance, now rated to -40 degrees C.

Faster Cure - DP8705NS and DP8805NS cure almost twice as fast as ordinary acrylic adhesives with the same work life. 

Nylon and LSE Bonding - High strength bonding of multiple substrates like LSE plastics (DP8010) and nylon (DP8910).

Higher Impact Resistance - DP8610NS, DP8710NS and DP8405NS have over three times the impact strength of conventional acrylic adhesives.

Low odor.
High strength.

When performance and workplace safety are required, look to 3M Scotch-Weld Low Odor Acrylic Adhesive 8700 Series. Formulated to work better, including in cold temperatures, these structural adhesives, with improved GHS classifications*, have a low odor formulation and non-flammable classification to help improve the working environment. They can also help you achieve new design goals around enhanced aesthetics and lightweighting (replace mechanical fasteners).

  • Non-flammable classification and low odor formulation: To help improve the working environment.
  • Reliable cold temperature performance: Now rated to -40°C.
  • Excellent structural strength, peel and impact resistance: Components stay bonded even under severe stress.
  • Bonds a wide variety of substrates: Works with plastics, aluminum, stainless steel and active materials.

The strength of a structural acrylic.
The flexibility of a sealant.

Offering a unique set of benefits, 3M Scotch-Weld Flexible Acrylic Adhesive 8600 Series provides the flexibility of a sealant combined with the strength and cure speed of an acrylic adhesive, allowing you to be more flexible in your design.

  • Limits bond line read-through: Helps thin, flat surfaces maintain their aesthetic appearance.
  • Flexible like a sealant: For greater impact resistance.
  • High elongation up to 200%: Withstands stresses between dissimilar materials.
  • Fast, strong cure: For assembly speed and productivity.
  • Offers new opportunities for design: Expands what's possible.
  • Non-flammable classification and low odor formulation: to help improve the working environment.

Easier bonding to nylon opens up new possibilities

Nylon is an ideal material for higher temperature applications. However, bonding nylon requires an adhesive that can take the heat of your applications, and does not require flame treatment surface prep. Introducing 3M Scotch-Weld Nylon Bonder Structural Adhesive DP8910NS, the high temperature bonding solution that requires minimal surface prep prior to bonding.

  • Structurally bonds to nylon (polymides) without plasma of flame treatment surface preparation: Helps reduce costs and production time.
  • Ideal for high temperature and high humidity applications: Adhesive is high temperature and humidity resistant.
  • Bond nylon to dissimilar materials such as aluminum and stainless steel: Better compatibility gives you more options.
  • Works with a wide variety of nylon materials: Difficult bonding is a thing of the past.
  • Fast, strong cure: For assembly speed and productivity.

Learn more about 3M Structural Adhesives here.

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