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Customized Solutions for Thermal Barriers

Posted by Mark Neuber on 3/16/2023

From the outset of this new industry, EV battery pack engineers have worked hard to develop strategies to prevent thermal propagation from cell to cell leading to a thermal runaway condition at the pack level. The solutions to this problem are as varied as the options that go into designing the specific battery pack for the vehicle. Chemistry of the cell, form factor of the cell, architecture of the pack, and more each necessitate a tailored, custom solution.

As a material solution provider, Precision Converting wants to first understand what engineers are looking for in a thermal solution. What are the performance requirements? What form is required? How will it be assembled? What is the budget? Every application faces a selection process depending on the answers to these questions. Key for the design/process engineering teams is having a customized solution meet a given set of parameters.

Now is the time to refine some of the material selections made at the beginning of the design process to find lower cost, more efficient solutions. Working with Precision Converting ensures proper form and function of the design refined into a long term, efficient manufacturing solution. A recent example of thermal event mitigation included optimization of a lamination process to eliminate a very manually intensive bonding process at the customer site, resulting in a significant, even-figure cost reduction.

Light weighting of materials is another important consideration when designing thermal barriers for electric vehicle batteries. Lighter weight equates directly to longer EV range. The most recent example was replacement of mica with an insulation laminate constructed from ceramic fiber and mica foil. The result was a more manufacturable, lighter weight, and lower cost solution. Collaboration between the design team and Precision Converting is an important step in finding the right material solution.

These are just a few examples that our sales teams have delivered to OEMs in North America. We are ready to provide on-site technical support to design engineers at the OEM or to process engineers at the tier level.

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