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Posted by Henkel on 4/21/2023


Wearing compounds are polymer composite products that combine superior wear resistant abrasive ceramic fillers with high adhesion impacting two-part epoxy technology. A new wear resistant compound, LOCTITE® PC 7332™, has been developed and launched recently for high wear areas of processing equipment in power generation, mining, and steel plant applications such as desulfurization pumps and ducts, slurry pumps and slag granulation pumps to protect against severe wet abrasion. LOCTITE® PC 7332™ is a room temperature curable two-part silicon carbide filled epoxy product. Its abrasion resistance was measured by dry abrasion test, slurry abrasion test, Miller slurry test and gas jet erosion test at different conditions. Test results are discussed and compared with both existing wearing compounds and other protective coating products. Its product properties and key features are also described.

1. Introduction

Wearing compounds have been widely used as wear resistant protective coating to extend service life of industrial equipment by protecting them from corrosion, abrasion, chemical attack and other wear encountered in harsh industrial environments. It can be used to either restore worn surfaces or used to protect new parts.

Henkel has been the global market leader and technology supplier for wearing compounds for decades. We have a series of high-performance wearing compound products that can meet various wear prevention and rebuilding applications. Recently, it is requested to further improve wear resistance and extend the service life in use due to higher production efficiency requirements.

The resin part of wearing compound products is typically composed of epoxy resin, diluent, alumina ceramics, silane coupling agent, and other additives as needed. Its hardener part is mainly composed of aliphatic amine, polyamide, alumina ceramics balls and other additives as needed.

Alumina has been commonly used as the main abrasive ceramic fi ller for wearing compounds because of good wear resistant property and easy supply. As shown in Figure 2 [2, 3], silicon carbide has both higher hardness and higher toughness than alumina, indicating possible higher wear resistance performance in actual use. Properties of silicon carbide and alumina are compared in Table 2.

A new product, LOCTITE® PC 7332™, has been developed successfully and launched recently. LOCTITE® PC 7332™ has been qualified and used for slurry pumps protection under severe wet abrasion conditions, extending service life from 6–8 months to over 18 months, confirming satisfactory and outstanding wear resistant performance in actual use.

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