Brady BSP45 Wire ID Sleeve Applicator - Speed Up and Start Saving - Apply sleeves up to 6-10 seconds faster

Boost high-volume production with the Brady BSP45 Automated Sleeve Applicator

Sleeve with ease and save money with Brady's BSP45 Automated Sleeve Applicator. Simply insert the wire into the Brady BSP45 system; the label is then automatically removed from the liner, opened and with the push of a foot peddle, applied to the wire. Perfect for high-volume, intensive wire sleeve applications.

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Quick application - applies sleeves 6-10 seconds faster than when applied manually

Tedium tamer - reduces the labor-intensive, repetitive motions that can lead to bottlenecks and worker injuries

Simple to use - insert the wire into the system and the BSP45 does the rest

Long-lasting - designed for intensive, high-volume, long-term use

Money saving - reduces time and manual labor expenditures

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