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Dramatic results you can bank on. Hisco Documented Cost Savings program.

Make the most of your time — and money — and invest wisely with Hisco. Our Cost Savings program was designed to help you realize the maximum potential of every dollar you spend. Since 2002, we’ve helped customers like you achieve more than $150 million in cost avoidances and savings through process, design and supply chain improvements alone.

We don't just create value; we document it. For each cost savings event, we'll supply you with a cost reduction form for your authorization to illustrate both direct and indirect benefits. Read on to learn more about our successes… and discover how our Documented Cost Savings program might just be your company's saving grace.

Downtime Prevention with Emergency Delivery

The Problem: Due to an inventory management error, the customer's material supply was depleted on a Friday evening. The company faced production downtime both Saturday and Sunday, for a loss of three shifts on each day.

The Solution: With the required material in stock, Hisco delivered it early Saturday morning to avoid production shutdown.

Inventory Management Overhaul

The Problem: Bogged down with excessive inventory holding costs and shipment/freight expenses, the customer was desperate for an inventory management overhaul.

The Solution: Hisco stepped in to improve the company’s processes. Through Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), Hisco was able to ensure substantial savings in many facets of the business including rebates, PO reductions, and reduced inventory holding costs and freight/shipping expenses.

Cost-Effective & Efficient Material Replacements

The Problem: The customer was planning to alter the production process, moving the manufacture of a subcomponent in-house.

The Solution: Hisco worked with the customer on design and materials specifications, suggesting new materials which were more efficient and cost-effective than the original.

Better Fiber Optics Cleaning Solution

The Problem: Relying on an old fallback product, the customer was wasting exorbitant amounts of money on overpriced fiber optic cleaners.

The Solution: Hisco advised a product switch to Microcare© Sticklers for a practical, consistent and thorough fiber optics cleaning solution suitable for any connector — at a fraction of the cost.

Vendor Negotiations for Substantial Savings

The Problem: The customer had purchased a surplus of cleaners and coolants specific to the company’s production process when usage rates suddenly declined.

The Solution: Leveraging our solid relationship with the vendor, Hisco was able to negotiate the return of excess inventory with no penalties or restocking fees.

Revamped Shipping Schedule Saves Delivery Costs

The Problem: The customer was incurring excessive annual delivery charges to have products expedited to the company’s facility.

The Solution: Hisco designed and implemented a combination of local deliveries and regularly scheduled freight shipments to balance shipping costs.

Avoidance of Potentially Devastating ESD Event

The Problem: Forgoing personal protective apparel, the customer had not invested in a comprehensive static protection solution — thereby placing the company’s sensitive electronic components at risk.

The Solution: Hisco advised the purchase of ESD smocks for personnel to mitigate the risk of a potentially devastating ESD event, along with the possibility of related failures/rework — saving tens of thousands in lost productivity.

Product Replacement Leads to Significant Savings

The Problem: The customer was purchasing static shielding bags that were too large for current requirements.

The Solution: Hisco suggested a product substitution, advising a change from 4mil bags to 1mil bags – which resulted in substantial savings for the customer.

Manufacturing Process Improvement

The Problem: The customer was cleaning printed circuit boards with a messy and ineffective solution, leading to a lengthy cleaning process coupled with significant maintenance time.

The Solution: Hisco introduced the customer to a new brush cleaning system and complimentary solvent to facilitate the process and reduce the resulting mess — an improvement which increased throughput and saved hours of station downtime.

New Cleaning System Improves Throughput

The Problem: Due to an unexpected increase in production, the customer required rush delivery on materials critical to the manufacturing process.

The Solution: Hisco expedited delivery by flying the necessary materials directly into Mexico, thereby circumventing at least 2-4 days of line shutdown.

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