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Because Performance Surges When You Stop Static

Protect sensitive equipment—and your bottom line—with ESD control solutions that run the gamut. Only Desco Industries Inc. is uniquely positioned to deliver the neutralizing products and systems that meet your personal, component and workstation safety needs. A global giant in the static control business, Desco Industries and its close-knit family of brands afford the solutions that matter to you and the peace of mind that comes with smooth-running.

From personal grounding products to hand tools, you can count on continued performance optimization with a comprehensive selection of products priced to fit your budget.

Meet the family for individualized solutions that speak to your unique, static-sensitive applications.


Synonymous with ESD protection, the Desco brand showcases wrist straps, foot grounders, mats, monitors and more for the electronics production industry.

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Menda, the brand associated with specialty tools, is also world renowned for its liquid dispensing pumps and bottles used in industrial electronics assembly, cleanrooms and medical applications.

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Protektive Pak

ESD packaging solutions take shape through the Protektive Pak brand, responsible for one of the largest selections of static-dissipative corrugated items in the world.

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The former, global static control division of 3M, SCS is the newest member of the family. Its portfolio encompasses static shielding packaging, workstation products, instrumentation and electronic vacuums.

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