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Hisco's Diversity Alliance Program empowers sustainable business

Hisco is committed to providing equal access to purchasing opportunities through supplier diversity and inclusion. Our Diversity Alliance Program creates a virtuous cycle with an inclusive list of suppliers that extends beyond just sourcing. This includes businesses owned by minorities, women, the disabled, veterans and LGBTQIA+.

Do you qualify to be a Diversity Alliance Program Supplier?

Which supplier categories are included?

Female gender symbol with a vector representation of a business woman in the middle.


Image of four pride flags representing LGBTQIA, bisexual, transgender, and non-binary individuals.


Vector representations of business owners of varying race.


Icons representing multiple forms of disability.


An image of the flag of the United States of America.


Encouraging the growth of a more diverse supplier base.

Hisco’s active role in promoting sustainable economic development fosters inclusion and growth of communities and ensures that our products and services meet the needs of our customers. Hisco’s Diversity Alliance Program also helps our customers fill government set-aside portions of their purchases and other small business goals.

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