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Find the best parts, all in one place. Hisco — the industry's largest distributor of electronic assembly products.

It takes time to source, and finding the best place—or a single-source supplier—can be tough these days. There's no doubt, everyone wants to save money and time. You can do both with Hisco. However, in the end, what's the most important? Customer service.

Hisco knows that's where the solder meets the circuit. We've been building "core" relationships for forty years by connecting one-to-one. We still do.

Hisco cut its teeth in electronic assembly supply distribution and as the largest supplier in the industry, we know our business and yours. Our sales representatives remain legendary for their consulting skills, in-depth electronic assembly product knowledge and personal commitment to each and every customer. We have thirty-eight North American branches including Mexico and Canada waiting to serve you.

Electronic assembly materials for a complete range of applications

  • Circuit board production - SMT & PTH
  • Product prototyping, manufacturing and assembly
  • System integration and repair
  • Product inspection, test and rework
  • ESD protection and personal grounding
  • Product/component labeling and identification
  • Critical environment manufacturing
  • Wire harness and cable assembly
  • Board cleaning, potting and coating
  • ESD-safe handling, storage and shipping
  • Production soldering and rework

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