Celebrating 50 Years as an ESOP Company: What Does It Mean for You?

In 1974, the future of Hisco was weighing on founder Paul Merriman’s mind. After much deliberation and exploration of his options, Mr. Merriman chose a pioneer’s path and began to build one of the first employee stock ownership plans in the country. Graciously placing ownership in the hands of his employees, Mr. Merriman recreated Hisco as an ESOP company, an act which has shaped the corporate culture, values and commitment that define Hisco today.

It’s true that ESOP employee participants reap many benefits, from better retirement options to happier working environments, with enhanced motivation and reduced employee turnover. ESOP companies enjoy greater overall success, even during economic downturns, and are generally more profitable and productive. But what does all this really mean to YOU, our customer?

In a word, service.

As employee-owners of the company, each and every associate has a vested interest in our overall success. Because we all have a stake in the company – along with its victories and failures – we all take the extra step to ensure your continued loyalty and satisfaction. This may mean staying later to take your call, or coming in on a weekend to complete an order you’ve placed. One thing is certain – when you shop with Hisco, you’ll always get unmatchable service and personal attention you won’t find anywhere else.

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